Waterford City is the capital of the sunny South East of Ireland. A natural playground for Golf, Equestrian, Walking, Angling, Water Sports and Cycling, enthusiasts, Waterford offers the complete experience. The county offers a dazzling coastline, beautiful river valleys and two dramatic ranges of very accessible mountains.
Waterford City was established in Viking times and it has an exciting medieval flavour and riverside bustle. In 2005 the City was host to the Tall Ships Race. The City is the home of Waterford Crystal, a lifestyle product of exquisite craftsmanship.
Havenwood Nursing Care Facility & Retirement Village
Havenwood is located just minutes from many of the varied and interesting attractions which the beautiful and historic City of Waterford has to offer. Superb restaurants, famous traditional bars, shops, galleries, libraries, Dunmore East, the River Suir, beaches and Hill walks etc. Waterford is situated in the South East of Ireland, 80 miles from Cork City and over many years has become a much sought after location for those wishing to reside in Irelands "Sunny South East".