Core Values

Fosters in us a sensitivity to the spiritual, physical, psychological and emotional needs of every individual inspiring each to find comfort and hope. We respond to the needs of the whole person: body, mind and spirit. We foster a climate of care, hospitality and spirit of community. We develop systems and structures that attend to the needs of those at risk of discrimination because of age, gender, lifestyle, ethnic background, religious beliefs or socio-economic status.
Calls us to responsible stewardship of the human and material resources/assets of the organisation. We work together to be effective and efficient in the use of resources and to provide a safe environment/ecology. We value the opportunity to be of service beyond our organisation through community outreach. We require a reasonable financial return in order to provide resources needed to pay fair wages and to renew the facilities and equipment of our organisation.
Commits us to honour the dignity and diversity of each individual as an inherently valuable member of the community created and loved. We create an environment conducive to healing and supportive of the resident's right to comfort, privacy, dignity, serenity and cleanliness. We develop a work environment that promotes mutual respect, participation, equitable compensation, growth and effective use of talents. We provide recognition - formal and informal - to individuals and groups for their contributions. We communicate openly and share needed information with each other.
Empowers us to do our best in all that we do as we work individually and collectively to meet the needs of those we serve and our colleagues. We expect excellence in performance and adherence to professional and organisational standards. We design and evaluate our organisational systems and structures to ensure that we positively contribute to the health standard of the community we serve. We develop programs and processes to measure and continually improve quality in everything we do. We conduct our business ethically, with integrity, honesty and confidentiality. We foster free exchange of diverse ideas, innovation and teamwork.
Commits us to give of ourselves in order to respond appropriately to the needs of others. We empower employees to make decisions that are in the best interest of those we serve. We create policies that are at the service of those we serve and those who work with us.
Customer satisfaction is our number one service priority.
Our Goal is to deliver long term patient care based on our core values of compassion, accountability, respect, excellence, service and medical excellence, with the emphasis on their total well-being.