Simulated street scene from the past with shops, barber and hairdresser.
Oratory for religious services or private meditation.
Multiple day rooms taking advantage of external views and features.
Designated rooms for activities specified in our programme.
A well-stocked library and gentleman’s club.
Gym and physiotherapy room.
A country style, skills kitchen for the personal use of residents.
Partially sheltered outdoor space, comfortably furnished and designed to extend the use of gardens throughout the seasons.
Outdoor water and bird features with strategic seating, using the wonders of nature to create a healing environment.
Therapeutic gardens, secure yet open depending on the access route and the resident’s cognitive ability. Clearly defined pathways circle back to the start to help residents find their way.
Safe uncluttered, extensive internal walkways which are unrestricted for residents with the inclination to wander.
Signage “cues” for confused residents throughout the building to promote independence.
Space for residents to bring their own personal belongings with them.