Our goal is to deliver long term patient care based on our core values of compassion, accountability, respect, excellence and service in addition to medical excellence, with the emphasis on the total well-being of our residents.
What we aspire to, we put into practice with the following aims:
1. To provide all prospective residents and their families with an overview of our service and commitment prior to admission, giving them the opportunity to make informed decisions about continuing care.
2. To carry out a pre-admission assessment of all residents to determine their care needs and to build a holistic personal profile, which provides the basis for creating an individual and comprehensive “person centred plan of care.”
3. To integrate new residents into an active social programme as their capabilities and interests allow, facilitated by our specialist programme developer.  
4. Through design and the therapeutic use of colour and light, we will minimise or eliminate the use of restrictive barriers and medication, while optimising our resident’s safety.  
5. To facilitate excellent and consistent medical care for our residents.  
6. To improve quality of life through the provision of therapeutic gardens and unrestricted internal and external secure walkways.  
7. To provide evidence based nursing care aimed at best practice that is both person centred and service driven.  
8. Our strongest desire is to facilitate freedom of choice for our residents, promotion of their independence and respect for their individuality, thereby helping and encouraging them to fulfil their days. And when living is no longer possible, to die with dignity and peace among the friends with whom they have shared their lives.