Specialist Dementia Care Unit

According to research, special care dementia units are associated with improvement or slowed decline of the condition in residents suffering from the disorder. Noticeable improvements may be detected in communication skills, self care skills, social function, mobility and affective responses with reductions in behavioural disturbances, abnormal motor activity, apathy and hallucinations.
HavenWood, has taken advice from the Alzheimer Society and the DSIDC at St. James hospital in order to incorporate the latest findings in our facility. Consequently, our special care dementia unit is at the forefront of requirements as researched by experts.

The facility is designed as a therapeutic environment for people with dementia, promoting well being and functionality whilst enhancing safety and home likeness. The building design assists the residentís sense of orientation.

There are specific rooms for activity programmes to promote cognitive and motor stimulation as well as preventing the loss of skills.
Within our high dependency unit we have the facility to care for the needs of residents whose condition is very advanced or who suffer an acute medical event. This minimises the necessity for transfer to the acute sector and unfamiliar surroundings.